July Blog

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July Blog
Sorry I missed Junes blog so will catch up now as July has been super busy. Sadly I lost my dad so took several trips down to Cornwall to visit him and less time on admin. In June it was the Gold semi finals at wellington. At the time I felt I had done a good test but sadly the judges didn’t agree. I came home and watched the video back and looked at every aspect of the test I could improve. This is when I got my VIP pad and noticed a difference straight away not only how she felt but also in my comfort. I took a lot of attention to working on her sit in the canter from what I felt at wellington. This was all in preparation for Hartpury at the beginning of July.
Hartpury has always been a favourite venue and as always very excited to go. We danced are socks of at Hartpury but still only managed our normal 69% until the final day in the freestyle when we hit the magic 70%. I was so delighted as I have been working towards this all year. I feel now I have broken the barrier we are showing we are improving every time. I was extra lucky to have help and support from The world class program at the show and this really made a difference to how me and pumpkin felt but also in the whole experience of being part of something bigger and very special it gives you a positive boost to be the best you can be. I had Para buddies help me in the warmup (thank you Sir Lee) and super groom Richard wood that also help the show be a personal success.
I got to attend a cross training day at Solihull which has proved quite educational and has ended up in some new training gadgets in place for our in-hand pole work. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for pictures coming soon. The following week was our squad session back at Solihul with horses on board. I was delighted to also be given a space for Rodney to come and have a lesson. Sadly, they were dreadful with the separation anxiety but despite this both managed a great training session and a much-needed saddle check. Massive thanks has to go to JoJo as I would never have manged to be everywhere on time with out her help and support. Theses sessions always bring me so much more knowledge the detail that goes into them is amazing and I am very privileged to be able o attend. Then it was time to go home and put in all in place ready for Bishop Burton CPEDI 3* at the beginning of August.

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