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December has been much quieter on the horse front with them having a few restful days. The sunny days have also been a blessing allowing them to enjoy these days out in the paddocks. Thankfully they managed to get these in before the heavens opened and the paddocks were sporting a few local duck visitors that arrived for a swim on our flooded clay soil. After starting a new job in November, I have had more time to spend with the horses and have managed to get them all clipped ready for when the cold spell comes. It has been fairly mild which has made the job much nicer as juggling rugs clippers and cold horses is hard work and definitely not my favourite job. Thank you Jojo for doing Rosie it’s like sheep shearing or de cloacking the yeti. The yard has had a complete quarterly wash down including feed bins rubber matting, and the feed room was clean and tidy ready for Rosies favourite product Pharmatrac and Briars favourite Pharmaquin to arrive and take pride of place. Lucky for me I didn’t have to work over Christmas and got to spend some lovely time with great friends and family. I enjoyed a hearty feast followed by a sing along with my family to the greatest showman. Hearing I was going to be an aunty again was a great delight and I am already planning a family membership to the pony club. My gorgeous niece Amelia has her eyes firmly set on once yeti now unicorn Rosie for herself so at 2 years old she has great taste. Despite all the lovely gifts I received it was spoil the ponys with the boxing day sale that next took my attention and well looking forward to a new years delivery. The last day of December had me and Dave resume our normal position at home ready to nurse the four-legged family through the fireworks. Its so nice to be able to see the horses in their stables from the house. So now is to look ahead and work off the festive bulge ready for the winter championships in February so I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.

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