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IMG_0187http://November has been quieter with the competitions but not without its busy moments. I have taken on a new challenge with a new job. I am hoping this will bring for a better work horse ratio with much less travel time and a good flexible rota. Sad to say goodbye to my colleagues at Queen Alexander Hospital after 20 years’ service I will miss them. We had a great night out together at Port Solent and I discovered the world of Gin. Well rhubarb and ginger who would have thought it maybe one for the lorry with the annual bottle of Pimms. Sadly, I didn’t make it to your horse live and would have loved to meet up with team Betta Life and see the launch of their exciting new product PharmaPlast. This is one for us and just the product I need to keep my horses in peak condition. I will definitely be using this in the lead up for the championships in February. Following last month’s ridden assessment for podium potential it was time to do my medal winning plan ready for my interview with the selection panel. I was thinking it would be the scariest interview ever, but they were super friendly and made me feel very as ease. I was lucky and fortunate to have my trainer Tanya Larrigan come with me demonstrating we have a great team to put forward and campaign for our place. I was also able to show them my future prospect Rodney he may not be big but boy he moves and at 5ft2 we are a perfect fit. I am also in a lucky position to re-apply for the podium potential pathway which I am currently on. It so amazing to have imput and help from the best in the field which has shown a great improvement in our performances. We have so much more to give and have only just started to show case our potential so exciting times to come. This month I have been nominated for a sports aid award which meant I had to check my world rankings and I am delighted to say I am ranked 3rd in the UK. Last week I received the feedback from Octobers Squad it was really positive glad to see the changes we have been implementing are paying off. My super farrier has hand made briars shoes to give her extra support and I have been practicing what I learnt in my coaching session. We are upping our game week by week. We have managed to get to the beach once this month and had a trip up the Hayling island Billy line. This was so good for their brains and Briar finally realised that wooden park benches don’t have teeth after baby Rodney Ridden by the lovely Jen, owner of Nutborne livery, gave her a lead. Mum Rosie like a true professional carried husband Dave on a safe ride following behind a lovely day despite the heavy rain and wind getting them all out together and experience something new. Now looking forward to the festive season ahead

Marcelle Ward

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